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It is interesting how things seem to work out some times. We have no idea why they are happening the way the are happening at the time. It takes a lot of conviction to have faith that things will work out how they are meant to work out especially when they do not not seem to work the way we wish they would.

We are 45 days away from our 8th wedding anniversary which means we have actively been trying to expand our family of two to three or more for almost 8 years now. Lots of things have happened in the the mean time and we have shared some of those things on this blog. At this point I cannot say that our appreciation for a we’d life would be the same without going through what we have. All I know for certain is how we feel about it today.

Yesterday afternoon nick had a conversation with his dad. His dad told Nick that there was a close friend whose niece just had a child. That niece and her partner are unable to take care of the baby. Additionally the family members on both sides are involved in things or too old to take full time care of this baby. He said that his friend was seeking others, like friends of the family to try to adopt the child.

It really felt like a story book idea, but after talking with the friend we realize there are some hurdles that may still be in our way. It has been a few weeks since the friend has been in contact with the niece so it is still very possible that the child has found a forever home. Also it sounds like there might be some issues with the state (they live in Utah) concerning the process.

We are optimistic that this baby may be in some way our future, but understand that there are a lot of things that we are going to have to overcome. Our next step is to wait for Monday when the mother of the niece goes to talk with the case manager. We hope to have a better understanding of where the future for this baby lies. We will keep you all posted

Returning back to the start of the post and talking about the experiences hat we have had bring us to where we are. If all of the numbers stack up just right the boy was born almost on the first day of our IVF cycle. If we had known from the beginning we would have been much further along on the process. However at that time we were not in Alsace to consider adoption. We really had to have the emotional experience of the IVF cycle to feel this calling to adoption/fostering. And either way we know that even if this baby does not solve our puzzle this will not be the end.

So What’s Next?

At the end of any road that you have gone so far that it is difficult to see the start it is hard to believe that the intended destination is not actually where that road led.  At that point we have been given a few choices to try to go back down that road or find a new path.  We have decided to leave the IVF/IUI path and will be continuing on a new road.

Because of our willingness to be open about our experiences with others we were presented just such a path a few months ago (well I guess right at the start of our IVF cycle).  Two sets of friends had shared the idea of fostering and the effect that it had on their own lives.  It is not like this was the very first time that we had heard of fostering, but it was the first time that we seriously started to think about the process as a viable option for our baby puzzle.  

In the last 10 days we contacted a local foster agency that works with the state of Arizona and had a meeting with that agency on Tuesday.  I know we went in for our IVF beta test on Wednesday, but we had done some serious discernment and decided that we would like to be foster parents regardless of the outcome of the test.  At that meeting with spoke with an agency worker who gave us the nuts and bolts of what the process would be like.  During that meeting she gave us an alternative option and that was to adopt instead of foster, however the cost of straight adoption is expensive.  

We plan on going to an informational meeting on October the first about the adoption process.  We plan on attending the foster licensure class starting on October the 12th running for six, eight hour Saturday classes.  Lots of paperwork to fill out and criteria to be met, but all things that are very much within our reach.  

We plan on keeping our baby puzzle blog alive and well with more foster/adoption news and who knows one day a miracle baby?  Take care.

Doctor’s call

This morning at 9:45 I went in to have my beta test to determine the results of our IVF cycle.  As I said on one of recents posts “2 for 2” went had done a few HPTs which all were negative.  Again this morning before going to the appointment I completed another HPT and got back another negative.

I waited all day long.  Texted the nurse who I have been working very closely left at 3:30 to see if there was any news and still nothing.  Finally at around 4:40 the doctor called and informed me that the beta test was negative and we are most certainly not pregnant….

Even though this is the end of this cycle and this chapter of our family planning process this will not be the end.  Thank you to all for the support over the last few months.  We plan to continue to post our endevours of how we try to solve our baby puzzle.

One week post transfer

We are now one week post transfer. Waiting for the 18th for our scheduled beta test. Took a home test this morning and have another negative. Certainly not a bad sign but feels like more of the same. Lots of positive thoughts as we go into next week.

On another note for our baby puzzle we have started to look into options of adoption/fostering. We have a set meeting with a local agency for Tuesday after work. I guess at the start of journey we do not know what our puzzle will look like, but feel great to have a chance to start a different chapter. We really feel a calling to this step.

Just wanted to post a quick update before the weekend got away from us. We will try to post some time after our meeting and our beta test on Wednesday.