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Fumble and Bumble

Time certainly seems to fly. It has been more than a month since the little ones came to live with us. Even with the late night feedings and the many struggles that never before parents might have, the last 30 some days have flown by. Things seem to be flowing like a ragging river.

When we started this process I had an image of parenting like smooth waltz, flowing across the dance floor harmoniously. Give and take. Swoosh swoosh. In reality it has been more like a baby giraffe trying to walk. We we have many of the tools to parent but when we go to use them it is more of a fumble and bumble than a swoosh swoosh. We were not unrealistic and think that things would be perfect. We expected diaper changes and crying and forgetting things that we need in the diaper bag and so on and so forth into the hundreds of other struggles. Those struggles would have went swoosh swoosh.

Fumble bumble… the kiddos have been with us for 36 days. Before I go on I want to throw out our continued disclaimer that this blog is about our experience and not intended to put anyone or anything down. We have a dear friend who is a CPS worker and we know that many of those workers have their whole heart into protecting children. They are humans who have lives and families of their own. Now as I was saying, we have had the little ones in our care for five weeks. This last week has been a rough one in the Covert house because on Wednesday the five month old had a recorded temp of almost 102 degrees. He could not return to daycare Thursday because of it and we were blessed with grandma Becky coming to stay a few days to help watch after him. One large issue (which led to the disclaimer above) came because birth mom’s scheduled visit is on Thursday. A call to the temporary worker ( the little ones still have not been transferred to a permanent worker) was placed and we let her know that the little one was contagious and if the visit should only be with their mom and the older one. The worker was annoyed that she had to make a second call to birth mom ( which is understandable especially with the increased case loads). Two more questions were asked and the response was the same with both ” you will want to ask your permanent worker.” When it was pointed out that she had access to the information it was said to her that she seems to pass the puck and she responded laughing, “yeah, we seem to do that a lot around here, don’t we?” On a positive side, we do not know the permanent worker and until we do, we will imagine they are stellar like the ones we know from our personal life.

Life does go on. We know for certain that we are trying the hardest we can with our little ones. The little one is starting to turn the corner and feel a bit better. We see lots of advancement and development in behaviors which, in part has been because of our family. We get to see smiles and personalities. We get to experience rolling over for the first time and new expressions like “ba-ba” and “na-na”. We get to fumble and bumble through life.

A Few Things

It has been about two weeks since our last post. Time does fly especially when you are trying to build a routine.

We both have made our way back to work since our extended holiday over the last few weeks. Having that time to build routine and know what is going to be expected has been nice. Even the mid evening wake ups are controllable. Having that routine is just as important for us as it is for the little ones. They start to change modes as we near nap times or eating times. Even simple things as light music have made for a faster sleep time for the older one.

One thing that I would suggest for anyone becoming a parent of any type is building that immune system. We all have gotten sick. First with soar throat and fevers which after antibiotics we all got over. I as well as the little one have had flu like symptoms which Nick and the older one seem to have escaped. Nothing like trying to care for a little one when you can’t hardly even hold your head up. Even in the face of that we have still managed.

Another thing I would recommend for anyone wanting to be a foster parent is a load of patients. I am not talking about with the children because that is to be expected of any parent, I mean the whole process of the behind the scenes. We have had 8 out side visitors for various agencies to provide support. Support is awesome, support is great! The time and the energy to participate is more difficult to come by. Doubly so the information share between those agencies is less than efficient, really depending on us to be a grand source of information. Information is something that we seem to have less then what we desire. All of this and still the little ones have not be assigned to a case manager. All in due time and we are sure that all of the hands in the pot are trying their hardest to serve the needs of the little ones.

One last thing, we continue to feel so blessed with the overwhelming support that so many people how us on a daily basis. More names and faces then could be mentioned, but all of this part of our journey has been uplifted by our community. Thank you!