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Off the Face of the Earth

Off the face of the Earth.

Well it has been 40 days since our last post; seems like we have literally fallen off the face of the Earth. That truly is has not been the case, however we have fallen into a re-occurring theme on our blog. We seemed so long in the hurry up to be foster parents we have found our selves in the wait stage again. Not that we are waiting for anything in particular, rather we fallen into a routine.

Daily routine: up at 4:32 (something about an extra 2 minutes that makes it feel better then waking up at 4:30). All of the personal hygiene and getting dressed and other stuff we can shove into a 28 minute window. Then to our little lady’s room to turn on the light, then to the kitchen to prepare one of a few types of fruit and cereal. Strawberries and bananas are a favorite but not always appreciated. Most mornings Nick gets our little lady dressed and Cheryl is always on hair patrol. Two sets of diapers changes, day’s worth of cloths changed, extra changes into the diaper bag along with 4 6-ounces of formula and extra diapers and a sippey cup. I feel like I am forgetting something even as I write this, but then that is also a typical part of the routine. Up, dressed, fed and into the car by – 6:05. Cheryl takes them to daycare where the little ones love their day time buds. Both of us off and to work by 7:00.

Work, which is our choice but none the less until 4:00 when Nick leaves his job to battle traffic to be to daycare by 4:30. Back home and inside by 4:50 for playtime and tummy time, dogs need to be fed before anything else happens (trust me it is a must)!!! . Need to make 4 new 6-ounces bottles for the morning routine along with dinner so we can eat at a reasonable time. Multitasking papa feeds a smaller 4-ounce bottle to our little boy around 5:15. Then the little lady in the high chair by 5:45 so she can start eating while the full meal is completed. Both parents back home eating dinner with their little ones by 6:20. Dinner over by 6:45, one of us cleans up one of us juggles playing with the kiddos. Block, Doc McSnuffikins, more tummy time, standing time, and lots and lots of play of the dogs (the little lady loves to play get the bone from Curley). Bath time, reading time, rocking time and bed time by 7:40 for both the little ones. Adults bed time? 8:00 J

In a perfect world we would plug and play and this could be our day right? In some imperfect way it is our day ever day, but then you have the little bumps that get in the road and throw it all off. Illness, refusals, gas (oh my goodness the gas), anything that could throw a wrench into the engine sometimes does just that. Even those distractions have become part of the routine because we get up for the day by 4:30 and the adults are to bed by 8:00 just about every day. Those things in the middle have become our life. We love our life.

Weekends? Government Agencies? Parental Visits? Therapy? Inspections? Chores? Husband and Wife time? Illness? Learning to walk? All great ideas for topics… but how do they fit in? Something to think about – and maybe we will find time to post before another 40 days goes by.