Monthly Archives: August 2014

Whole World….

As the many months have rolled by we have been blessed with two wonderful kiddos. I would like to take a few lines to write to those kiddos.

We do not know what the future will hold for you.
But we wish the whole world for you.
We do not know what experiences you will have.
But we hope those experiences give you wisdom.
We do not know the people’s lives you will be a part of.
But that those people will feel blessed as we feel blessed.
We do not know the dreams that you have for your future.
But know we dream that you will be successful with whatever it is.
We do not know the chances you will have.
But we are fortunate for the chance to have known you.
We may not be a part of your whole rest of your lives.
But if you ask of it we gladly would do anything for it.
We may not be a part of your lives forever.
But you will always be a part of our lives.
We may not be what you will call home.
But you are always home with us.

Be good. Be strong. Be helpful. Be courageous. Be positive. Be strong. Be yourself. Be independent. Be whatever you want to be. Your world can be the whole world.

With love, always Cheryl and Nick

They tell you all of the hard parts of being a foster parent while in class… but I guess I did not believe it all while we sat there. The kiddos are still with us. As I said, we do not know their future, but if all goes as to plan they will be going home in about a month.

Been a while

It has been awhile. Life is as busy as ever. Attached a short you tube video to sum up how things are going.

Since our last posting we have gained one part time walker, another full time crawler who pulls himself up, lots of talking and a whole slew of fun times. In the middle of all of that we moved which was a catalyst for very little time for blogging.

Through everything we have gotten a more full view of what God’s purpose has been for us. Take a look at the video and have a great Sunday.