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We had a typical monthly visit from our worker last Friday.  This was the first time she had come to our home since the kiddos have come into our care (46 days).  She had to meet earlier than I could make it home for the whole meeting.  By the middle of her visit, I walked into the on going conversation.  By that point the worker had expressed to Cheryl that she need to know by September 8th weather we would adopt the kiddos.  As I said, we have only known them for about six weeks.  We have done very little in the way of discerning and have been concentrating a lot more on LR’s case.  We spent a lot of time over the weekend talking about it.  We know we can’t force a feeling in that short amount of time.  Instead, we are going to respond that we are open to building a relationship with the kiddos and are willing to consider making adoption.  We thought we had more than a year to make this decision with how the courts had been talking.  Changes may be on the way for the Covert’s because if our response is not what the case worker is looking for than she may disrupt placement.  Never a  dull moment.

A Change

One month ago the court hearing was pushed back one month, today we had a hearing for LR.  A change in the case plan from reunification to severance and adoption was issued by the judge.

Cheryl reported that LR’s dad’s attorney requested to be dropped from the case which was not granted.  The judge believes that the attorney’s is still needed for the pre-trial conference.  That attorney reported that the father’s wishes are to have his rights severed.  LR’s mom’s attorney stated that mom does not share the sentiment.  The pre-trial conference was set for September 21st @ 10am and the judge indicated that if both parents do not come that day he may sever at that time.

Cheryl and I plan to take the day off together.  Nothing is set in stone about the future of this case.  However August 24th, 2015 is a change for LR’s life.  We ask that all of our friends, family and faithful readers pray for God’s guidance in the coming month and for whatever is in store for us.

Pool Time


Today we had LR’s brother and dad over for pool time and BBQ.  Keeping the kiddo’s  family unit in place is important to both Cheryl and I and brother’s dad.  They are forever brother and sister.   Having the chance to keep them in each other’s lives will hopefully give them identity as they grow. It is interesting because this was not a visioned family unit before we started fostering,  but now seems to be the most natural idea we can think of.  Happy Saturday everyone.

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Glow Worm


The picture I am sharing is of a glow worm given to our first placement by grandma Becky.  It was for the 3 month old in hopes he would sleep through the night.  He loved it for a time as it would glow him to sleep.  As the months went on the glow worm was slowly phased out .  Our first placement went home last September.   This morning in an attempt to keep LR from squirming off the changing table, I gave the glow worm to LR.  She played with it.  Once done getting changed, LR grasped onto to it and held it like a little baby.  I couldn’t help but think of our first placement as LR laughed all the way to the breakfast table.  Our kiddos come in and out of our lives at an unpredictable times, Cheryl and I still get to keep the memories.  Happy Sunday everyone.

Just a reminder to our friends, family and faithful readers, we have an instagram account for the kiddos.  I am going to be changing the setting to private.   If you are not following us yet just request and we will add you.  The account is @baby_puzzle

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The Little Things

As Cheryl and I entered yesterday afternoon we had the task of signing the kiddos out.  Cheryl signed out on the computer screen and I went to the paper sign out.  I signed out the oldest and then turned the page to LR’s page.  Paper clipped to the sign out page was a notice.  LR is being moved to the one year old’s room because of her advancements in walking.  It is kinda sad because we love the worker in the infant room.  It is also really kinda cool to see her growing.  

This morning we had breakfast and all of a sudden she is much better at using utensils and not dumping her plate.  After dinner she has been taking 10 and 14 steps at a time.  Crawling is still faster, but she is making little advances so fast.  Happy Saturday everyone.

What Would You Do?

About two weeks ago our new placement kiddos were assigned a new case aid and parent aid.  These workers are responsible for dropping off and picking up the placement and for monitoring parent/child interaction.  They also work with the parent(s) on a slew of skills needed for parenting.  They play an important role in successful re-unification.

We have had a few interactions (phone calls and texts) with the case aid.  She is a bit short however we are understanding.  The situation (and reason for the post’s title) lies in interactions with our daycare workers.  On Monday it was reported to them that every time the kiddo’s are picked up the younger smells.  Yesterday the case aid came during a meal time.  The daycare worker tried to give the case aid a piece of toast (not jellied toast, just bread that had been toasted).  The kiddo started to freak out because when the worker refused.  She finally let him take back his food and made a comment to our daycare worker that she was just going to get him into the car and take the food away.  Then this morning when dropping our two infants off we were told by our the infant worker (a third worker reporting) that the case aid is very rude to her.

We love our daycare and also believe that the kiddo’s deserve a chance to be with their parents.  Cheryl and I do not want our daycare to become disillusioned of us because of poor treatment of others.  We also do not want a case aid who is short with us for reporting poor, unprofessional behavior.  I personally am leaning towards ignoring the reported problems until the lack of professional behavior is directed at me or Cheryl.  The problem that I have with that plan is the poor treatment of hard workers.  Also, my fear that the poor treatment is also present to the kiddos when we are not around.

What would you do?

Not Even Once

The second date was our first interaction with the other people involved in our new placement’s case.  The mom and dad are clean cut and curtious. We found out that these kiddos will most likely be with us through September of 2016. 

One thing I would like to point out to our faithful readers.  Meth is highly addictive and effects people from all walks of life.  As Mrs. Saylor and the adds would say, “don’t try it, not even once.” 

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