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All That Worrying 

On Friday we had our quartly inspection by our licening agency.  As I had posted in a previous post, the state implemented new rules on foster parenting in February.  Yesterday’s inspection was the first since the new rules were put in place.  Also, yesterday’s inspection was the first done by our new worker.  Needless to say, we were a little antixious with the scheduled visit.

Before the worker arrived we had a few tiding up items on our to-do list.  We ran around like ants getting everything in place.  We double checked our new first-aid kit and took down the garden lights, checked our fire extinguisher and smoke detectors ahead so if there was an issue we could fix it.  We both inspected the window above the toilet and agreed it had to be ok (otherwise we are going to have to put another fence around our pool).

About five minutes before the scheduled inspection their was a ding-dong at our front door (ahead of schedule my type of person)  It was a new face, our new licening agency worker.  We exchanged greetings and went to the dining room table.  Then came her first request.  “I need you insurance and registration”.  Simple enough request except, we have have given them that already back in January.  The thought in my head was “are we going to have to duplicate everything we have all ready done because we have a new worker?”  I got up and head to the cars.  After getting the requested registrations I came back in and Cheryl is communicating my thought ( without me saying anything)

From there we talked about the kiddos.  The things happening with their cases.  The process of adoption of LR and the upcoming court date for B-Rad and Nat.  We talked about services and needs.  After about 10 minutes things were moving and it felt a lot less like we were going to need to repeat everything.

We got up to do the inspection.  First thing on the list was the master bed.  We looked at our locked bedroom window. Then we moved on to the toilet window.  She agreed the window would work. YES!!! We moved to the kitchen where we checked the water temp, looked at the cabinet Grandpa Jerry had installed a lock on for us and quickly moved along.  Into the play room-den.  She loved some of our remodeling ideas we have.  Then into the kiddos bathroom and into the kiddos rooms.  We asked if she wanted to see the first aid kit and she said that she did not need to look in it.

From there she said that she would be in contact to schedule our next inspection for the next quarter.  After she left Cheryl look at me and I said, “all that worrying”.  We had built several mountains out of the mole hills in front of us.

Thank you for taking time to read.  Coming in future weeks new YouTube videos, updates from court, and anything else that comes up.  Check out our website.  It is in its infancy but I plan on making it our central hub of for all things Covert family happenings.  Also we have started a new Facebook page which, like our other social media offerings it will be another arm our baby puzzle journey.

Changing Winds

Today we had both state workers visit our home.  

The first was for LR.  We spent about an hour filling out paperwork with the worker.  She described the process to us as what to expect going forward.  The worker still has reports to finish and also she will be petitioning the courts soon.  At the end of the conversation we asked when adoption would happen and she said most likely at the beginning of June.  The process seems to take forever.  Still, I think can can see a light at the end of the puzzle.

The second worker came for B-Rad and Nat.  We talked about what to expect at the court case coming up in April.  She told us that the littles had a new baby brother born today.  She also told us that the case findings would most likely take two months to come out.  Like all things foster, it is slow and methodical.  No worries, Cheryl and I are not heading any where.

Thanks for reading.  

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YouTube video 

Spring is Springing

Yesterday at 3:30 I officially entered my “spring break” from work.  Later this evening Spring will officially begin.  With time off of work comes the “I will do it on break list” (kinda like New Years resolutions but in March). One of the things that I have placed on this list is to be more dedicated to keeping our baby puzzle blog updated.  No big updates today, but there should be a few coming down the pike in the next as we meet with both state workers, our living agency, and a potion attorney all in the next six days.  In the mean time I have uploaded two short videos to You Tube.  Thanks for you support and thanks for reading

  1. B-Rad’s video
  2. Little Nat’s video
  3. Bonus: LR’s video

Quick Updates

As the month of March rolls into its second full week, it it occurs to me that our baby puzzle updates have been short coming as of late.  That is simply because there has been little change to our cases.  We are still waiting for an adoption date for LR.  We should hear something soon.  B-Rad and sister’s court date is April 11.  

The kiddos are doing well.  We are learning lots of words.  Personalities are coming through.  We love seeing the little  changes that make them who they are.  We will keep everyone up to date as soon as we hear.

Below is a quick YouTube of the Littles and their 2016.  Thank you for reading.

Groundhog Day 2016

Today is Groundhog Day.  I cannot go a single Groundhog Day without thinking about Bill Murrey and his desperate to escape living through a day that repeats it’s self without end.  He tried so very hard to get it right, then he tried so very hard to get it wrong and still he would wake to hear Sonny and Cher sing their love ballad.  

Well if you didn’t hear on the news, the groundhog did not see his shadow which tradition and lore tells us it will be an early spring.  Why is that tradition?  Why do we except it as fact?  How in the world does one relate to the other?  I have heard and read sever different explanation, but at the end I still wonder why?  Why except things as fact just because that is how they have been?

As we posted, LR’s bio-parent’s rights were severed.  Cheryl and I have contacted our licensing agency and an adoption attorney.  From the best we can tell it will be about 4 weeks (so around the beginning of March) before our home is an “approved” adoptive home.  It will then be about sixty to ninety days before the adoption date can be set (so somewhere in the start to mid May).

I can say with certainty that I am naive about the process that we were to go to for the adoption.  It feels like the more paperwork we fill out the more we are asked to fill out.  It feels like the closer to the end we walk the further away the date gets.  I don’t believe that my own genius is anywhere close to the comic genius of Mr. Murray, but at the same time it feels a little like I imagined as a young adult that the character it Groundhog Day was experiencing.  

Today we recived an email from our licensing agency with changed to the licensing requirements.  Lots of changes have been happening to AZ foster care system ever since we have been involved. With the changes we see at least two areas that will most likely need to change to maintain our licenses.  For me the safety and well being of the children is the most important thing.  However the changes seem less about a practical application and more about changing things just so it is different.  Why continue to throw hoops and hurdles.  We are trying our hardest.  The changes were supposed to give more support to the families and the children.  The largest change I have seen has been a change it leadership reporting, very little to assist the children.  Why do we settle for things to stay the same just because they are tradition or lore?  Why can’t improvements be made at the practical level?  We don’t need more hoops, we needs more supports.

Thank you for reading.  I will post an update as we hear back from our adoptive lawyer and when we meet our new case worker.  Happy Groundhog Day.

Our Day at Court

Today was LR’s next court date.  We arrived to court about 30 minutes early.  You never know how long traffic will take so we left a little early.  Walking into the court house we go through a metal protector and make our way down to the court room.  It is a long hallway and there are other court rooms on the way.  Lots of people and families trying to make their own ways through the system.  Finally we make it to outside our court room and find two seats together.  

We sat and waited, people watching.  I wondered to myself the many stories that brought them here.  About twenty minutes of waiting we finally see a fimiliar face, the bio mom’s attorney.  She stops and asks us if we have seen the bio mom, we had not.  She merges back into the crowd looking for her client. A few minutes later we see the GAL.  Before making her way over to us, the GAL stops and talks with the the mom’s attorney.    

In the hand of the bio mom’s attorney was a piece of paper; the two attorney talked about its contents for a few minutes.  Finally the bio mom’s attorney gets up and leaves.  We get a chance to talk with the GAL and she says that the document was a concent letter to severe bio mom’s rights.  Cheryl and I have a moment of a sigh of relief.

We go back to waiting 10:30 ( the court time comes and goes).  Time creeps to 10:50 and the court room sign clicks off.  A feel a lump in my throat as the court room attendant comes out and calls for a different case.  Repeat 11:25 same lump same results, another case and again at 11:40 and again at 11:55.  By this point the crowd has wind led down to just the people in our case.

Finally 2:15 and we are called in.  The proceedings are fairly technical, but by the end the judge made the ruling that the bio mom’s rights would be severed.  Now, we are onto adoptions.  We have all ready contacted our lawyer.  We will have to wait to be assigned a new DCS worker for adoption.  From what we have heard, the process and timing takes about 3 months.  However, as we have learned over the years, time may take longer.  We will keep you posted.  Thanks for reading

Second Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of Cheryl and I accepting into our home two foster kiddos for our very first “parenting” experience.  Lots has changed in that time and I know that our lives are forever changed because of it.  We hope that the kiddos who have come to live with us for whatever length have had their lives enhanced from the time that they were with us.  Other parents would call this a “birthday”.  There was no birth.  I guess to the ones we have cared for and to my loving wife, I wish you all blessed foster day.

Update After Court

Today we went to court for LR.  Before the hearing in the court room.  We had a mediation between the state, biomom and ourselves.  LR’s mom says she wants to give up her parental rights and requests photos and possible future contact.  Which was conveyed in the court room.  Additionally, because the biomom’s attorney had not given her a few documents, the servence hearing was continued.  That means we have a new court date of January 19 @ 10:30.

After the hearing the judge asked us for more photos.  At that time he told us that when the adoption hearing happens we could request for him to be the judge.  

Still lots of things to come and not as much as we thought was going to happen.  Slow like the turtle, not quick like the rabbit. 

I took the above photo while we were waiting for mediation.  
Thanks for reading