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Making Traditions

This holiday season has been another good one.  Cheryl says, “I love watching the kiddos discover the Christmas season.”  The kiddos get excited seeing so many things.  Every time they see the out door lights we have a barrage of “wows” and “look, look”.  They get excited with every Christmas tree they see.  B-Rad loves to declare “ho-ho-ho”.  

Christmas Eve we hopped in the car and went looking at the lights on the neighborhood homes.  Christmas morning we woke up and had breakfast.  The kiddos opened their stockings at their high chairs.  After, the kiddos opened many of their gifts.  In the afternoon time family came by for short greetings and then more for dinner.  In all, it was a good day.

Some things we did we plan to make into a tradition.  Giving the kiddos memories and making traditions has been good.
Thanks for reading.  To come in the new year we hope to have more updates of the permanent persuasion.