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Leaving Kiddos with Sitters for the Weekend

Going off to work is one thing, going on a date night is another, but a whole weekend… Friday night, Saturday night, how many of you parents are cringing as you think of the idea.  You know all of your family routines.  You know the cries and the times of day that they just need to snuggle.  You know what a day, weekend looks like with your family.  And you know how much effort you put into keeping it all together.  Maybe you have a grandparents that want to help and are looking forward to “a lengthy time” with the kiddos.  Maybe you have a sibling who loves to help out and has a super awesome idea for a whole weekend trip or maybe you have awesome friends who step in and do you a huge favor.  Whatever the case is you know that the responsible adults who are helping are giving a whole lot of energy.

How do you get ready?  What do you need to do?

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Changing Winds

Today we had both state workers visit our home.  

The first was for LR.  We spent about an hour filling out paperwork with the worker.  She described the process to us as what to expect going forward.  The worker still has reports to finish and also she will be petitioning the courts soon.  At the end of the conversation we asked when adoption would happen and she said most likely at the beginning of June.  The process seems to take forever.  Still, I think can can see a light at the end of the puzzle.

The second worker came for B-Rad and Nat.  We talked about what to expect at the court case coming up in April.  She told us that the littles had a new baby brother born today.  She also told us that the case findings would most likely take two months to come out.  Like all things foster, it is slow and methodical.  No worries, Cheryl and I are not heading any where.

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Spring is Springing

Yesterday at 3:30 I officially entered my “spring break” from work.  Later this evening Spring will officially begin.  With time off of work comes the “I will do it on break list” (kinda like New Years resolutions but in March). One of the things that I have placed on this list is to be more dedicated to keeping our baby puzzle blog updated.  No big updates today, but there should be a few coming down the pike in the next as we meet with both state workers, our living agency, and a potion attorney all in the next six days.  In the mean time I have uploaded two short videos to You Tube.  Thanks for you support and thanks for reading

  1. B-Rad’s video
  2. Little Nat’s video
  3. Bonus: LR’s video

Happy New Year

If someone had walked up to us last year and told us where will be this year on December 31st. we would have believed they were crazy! No way would we have made it all of the way through those treatments, that was supposed to be a long way out. Absolutely no way would we have gone through the foster licensing process and…. been blessed to with two little ones. Nope that was not what 2013 was going to look like. By this point of 2013 we expected to have a for sure answer for our fertility issues AND we would have been at least a few months expecting. 2012 usses would have look at us now and wondered what in the world did we do and how could we have made the decisions we made.

It is not so much the people we plan to be and the things we intend to get but rather how we handle the situations for the future. We have not mastered the art of being parents. We have not even mastered the art of sleeping through the night with a four month old. We have no idea what the future holds and now understand that the journey that we started writing about back in June does not end with becoming parents or some other grand event. Each day is a new puzzle piece.

We resolve to be more excepting of the things that we cannot change and make the best of what we get in the new year. Happy New Years everyone!