Meeting Santa

Today we decided to take the kiddos to meet Santa.  We went to the same place we took the kiddos last year.  There was about seven families ahead of us, but the line moved briskly.  Once it was our turn to meet Santa Cheryl went in with Natalie.  Once on his lap she started whaling.  B-Rad had been excited waiting in line but now with sister crying he was unsure of the guy who says “ho-ho-ho”( as B-Rad says).  LR was in my arms, I tried to put her on Santa’s lap and she started climbing my back.  She clung on for dear life.  Below is the best of the batch from the photos we took.  

On a side note, the people behind us were not impressed with the way the Coverts do a photo with Santa.

Merry Christmas!


1 thought on “Meeting Santa

  1. I personally think this is awesome! Every family needs a picture like this with Santa! Those other people must be Scrooges! Merry Christmas!

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